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Attendees take notes at a conference.

Business [Un]Unusual: Key Insights

In October, our team attended the Business [Un]Usual conference at Beanfield Centre, which was themed Profit from Purpose. It’s a biannual summit on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability issues co-hosted by The Conference Board of Canada, CBSR, and Volunteer Canada, and its aim is to help business navigate “political, social, environmental and technological transformations.” From blockchain…

A person logs on to twitter on a mobile phone.

Folks to Follow: Sustainability on Twitter

In an ocean of advertisements, rabble-rousers and videos of dogs riding skateboards, it can be hard to distinguish an original thinker from a retweeting robot. Still, 11 years in, Twitter remains a valuable forum for ideas and discussion, especially for an increasingly ubiquitous space like sustainability. You just need to know where to look. Below,…

Labour Day’s Typographical Legacy

Unifying, progressive and deeply rooted in Canadian history, the values of Labour Day continue to resonate in CSR strategy. And it all started with a parade in downtown Toronto. Labour Day just might be the birthday of corporate social responsibility in North America. Born from the widespread workers’ strife of the 19th century, and celebrated…

On Our Shelves: Sustainability Books

Four great publications to inspire, inform and improve your CSR reporting The Works’ sustainability guru, Wesley Gee, likes to say that great reporters share a disposition rather than a demographic. That is, if you want to succeed in this industry, you have to be passionate – curious, ravenous for knowledge and hypercritical of the status…

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