Sustainability Reporting Trends:The Best of 2017

Our insights on today’s best practices in CSR reporting are backed by extensive analytical research and an intimate understanding of what it takes to build a report worth reading.

Inside the Trends

Sector-Specific Trends

We surveyed sustainability reports from around the world and across all industries, from oil & gas to retail and automotive, to define the sector-specific trends used by world-class companies.

Social Media Integration

Social media has become a powerful tool for companies looking to share their sustainability performance with the world and redefine the meaning of stakeholder engagement.

Guidelines and Governing Bodies

Measuring the impact of corporate sustainability initiatives can be a science, and achieving a passing grade requires rigorous checks, balances and verifications. How well do you know your GRI and SDGs?

Design Directions

Innovative design is breathing new life into traditionally formulaic reporting. The use of animation, iconography, illustration and photography adds depth to the storytelling of corporate social impact.

Go Figures

of Companies Include Videos in their reporting
of companies integrate selective social sharing in their reporting
of Companies Include Testimonials in their reporting
Photo of Kevin Ward, Art Director at The Works (top left), Sonam Madav, Sustainability Reporting Analyst at The Works (top right), Shu Yi Chu, Sustainability and Project Manager at The Works (bottom left), Wes Gee, Sustainability Director at The Works (bottom right)

Meet Our Research Team

Like any good sustainability report, our work comes assured. At the helm of our research is Wes Gee – a bona fide sustainability expert and Director of Sustainability at The Works. Supporting him is a duo of subject-matter experts, Shu Yi Chu and Sonam Madav, who bring the highest levels of academic training to their analysis of sustainability reporting. Combined with Art Director Kevin Ward’s established work in benchmarking communications best practices, the result is an unfalteringly comprehensive look at emerging trends in sustainability reporting from around the world.

Meet the team on our blog, In Scope.



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