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Apply to be part of our annual Sustainability Trends Research.

The Works spends each summer researching sustainability programs from around the world. Looking at a broad range of industries and organizations helps us develop a unique perspective on what makes for outstanding reporting.

See Where You Stand

We look well beyond our client list* to build our research sample, and benchmark the reporting approaches of the world’s most respected sustainable brands (as identified in trusted rankings like the DJSI and Corporate Knights).

* Okay, and a few of our clients, too. We’ll let you know who they are.

We Measure What Matters

Our research team assesses reports across hundreds of content and visual data points, including:

Reporting Standards
Targets and Achievements
Balanced Scorecards
Social Strategy
Stakeholder Engagement

Joining our 2018 Sustainability Trends Research is an opportunity to receive candid feedback and useful insights that will improve your reporting approach.

Accepted participants will receive a comprehensive feedback session and reporting scorecard.

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