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The OLG CSR Logo is superimposed over a blue map of Ontario, dotted with yellow pins.

Extreme Makeover: OLG’s 2016 CSR Report

In just one year, OLG revitalized its sustainability storytelling by committing to strategy and doubling down on design. OLG has always focused on responsibility. As a Crown corporation, the organization has given back nearly $47 billion to the people of Ontario via government programs and charitable contributions. Still, OLG saw an opportunity in 2016 to…

The Volkswagen Sustainability report for 2016 is entitled Responsibility and Change.

The Volkswagen 2016 Sustainability Report: Staff Exit Survey

2016 was an interesting year for Volkswagen. Despite earning better-than-expected profits, the company was still plagued by its 2015 diesel crisis. Fittingly, themes of accountability and transparency dotted Volkswagen’s 2016 Sustainability Report and supporting materials. Works staff weighed in on the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s communications.   How would you summarize Volkswagen’s 2016…

Sustainability Showdown: Good Sports

Adidas and Nike are among America’s most famous corporate rivals, so we thought we’d put their most recent sustainability reports to the test and see who comes up the victor.   Adidas: Calling All Creators Adidas opts for a simple but bold colour palette in its 2016 Sustainability Progress Report. Though the design is modern,…

The Crown Estate's 2016 integrated report exemplifies best practices in Integrated Reporting.

Sustainability Spotlight: The Crown Estate

At The Works, we believe great sustainability reporting provides an integrated representation of a company’s performance – both financial and non-financial environmental, social and governance topics. Successful integrated reports use sustainability initiatives to give greater context to performance data and illustrate how sustainability priorities (those things we call “material issues”) fit into the company’s business…

Photo of H&M's 2016 Sustainability Report shown on screen in PDF format

Sustainability Spotlight: H&M Group

In its 15th consecutive year of sustainability reporting, the H&M Group has produced yet another comprehensive and issue-focused report. While the online PDF offers a clear description of the company’s new sustainability strategy and ambitions, old design habits die hard. At times, this is putting policy and practice in conflict with each another. Content considerations:…

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